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Check the current weather in Auberry! Check the current weather in Big Creek! Check the current weather in Lakeshore! Check the current weather in Prather! Check the current weather in Shaver Lake! Check the current weather in Tollhouse!
The region covered by the Shaver Lake Basin features a variety of weather patterns. All four seasons can be observed, but they can be more distinctive at the higher elevations. Spring brings with it the beautiful wildflowers covering the hillsides, fields and meadows. Summer brings a golden hue to the region as the grasses dry out and the temperatures rise significantly, some call it Sierra Gold. Mother Nature takes her paint brush and manages to use a combination of reds, browns and golden colors to highlight the Fall Season. During the winter, snow can fall at nearly all elevations here in Shaver Lake Basin territory, with the greater accumulations naturally being above 5,000 feet.
Fall brings pretty colors to the foothills
Snow can fall at any elevation in the foothills
Summer is a time to find a cool place!
Spring brings a crop of beautiful wildflowers.
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